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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering and technical design has been the core of the Quible tradition since F. Richard Quible opened the doors in 1959.  Coastal land development demands an experienced, cutting edge and prompt client oriented service.  Quible embodies these attributes and continues to provide up to date training and computer software and hardware applications to our staff.  New development, Redevelopment, Municipal, Conservation, stormwater BMP retrofits for existing developments and beyond, Quible is the solution. 

Engineering Services Include: 

• Site Planning

• Wastewater Design/Permitting

• Wastewater Pumping Station and Force Main Design

• Stormwater Management Design/Permitting

• Water Distribution and Treatment Design

• Hydraulic Modeling

• Water Booster Pump Stations

• Water Storage

• Grading, Drainage & Earthwork Design

• DOT Permitting

• Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control BMP's

• NPDES Permitting

• Residential Design & Permitting

• Commercial Design and Permitting

• Roadway and Pavement Design

• Traffic Control Design

• Pedestrian and Bicycle Trails

• Streetscape & Downtown Revitalization

• FAA Permitting/Design

• School Renovation 

• Swimming Pool Design & Permitting 

• Construction Management & Inspection Services

• Contract Administration


We are proud to offer a full line of surveying services to cover all of our EngineeringEnvironmental and Planning projects.  We also have an excellent reputation of partnering with general contracting, real estate, architectural and banking companies.  In addition, we commonly perform lot surveys for private landowners.  In-house surveying keeps our projects on schedule.

Surveying services include:

• Elevation Certificates

• Lot Surveys

• Physical Surveys

• Boundary Surveys

• Topographic Surveys

• Bathymetric  Surveys

• Foundation Surveys

• ALTA Surveys

• Flood Plain Mapping

• As-Built Surveys

• Foundation Surveys

• Recombination Plats

• Preliminary Plats (Minor and Major)

• Final Plats

• Easement Plats

• Wetland Survey Plats

• Height Certifications

• Construction Stakeout

• Construction Record Drawings

• Residential Plot Plans

Environmental Consulting

The environmental services industry is an ever-evolving field that is grounded by principles, law and theory from multiple disciplines of science.  The industry is driven by anthropogenic influences on the environment and the common goal of protecting and preserving our natural resources.  Technological advances and policy changes are ongoing and must be understood in order to stay at the forefront.  Specifically, the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the coastal plain of the mid and south Atlantic seaboard are comprised of a myriad of delicate resources that must be managed wisely.  

Environmental Services Include:

• North Carolina State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Documents

• NC Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA) Permitting, Coordination and Consultation

• US Army Corps of Engineers Permitting, Coordination and Consultation

• Underground Storage Tank (UST) Compliance, Removal, Assessment and  Remediation  

• Soil and Groundwater Assessment and Remediation

• Landfill Assessment and Reclamation

• Mine Permitting

• ASTM Standard Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s)

• Wetlands Delineation, Permitting and Mitigation

• Wetlands Planning and Creation 

• Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Surveying, Planning and Mitigation

• Stream Determination and Assessment

• Essential Fish Habitat Assessment

• Dredge Permitting

• Certified Well Contracting Services and Consulting (NC WCC #3410B)

• Preliminary Consulting to Identify Buyer Constraints

• Bathymetric Mapping

• Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans

• Expert testimony


As residential, commercial and marina site plan designers, our experienced planners offer a combination of engineered, aesthetic and utilitarian options.  We have an excellent understanding of local, state and federal rules and regulations that are incorporated into every site plan and feasibility/capacity study.  We regularly work side-by-side and have forged a solid relationship with many leading architects in the region.  Our operators are proud to stay up to date with the latest computer-based design software applications.  We have consistently turned concepts into reality.

Planning services include:

• Zoning & Rezoning

• Special Use Permits

• Master Planning

• Conceptual Planning

• Land Use Maps

• Preliminary Engineerings Reports

• Feasibility Studies

• Capital Improvement Plans

• Traffic Studies

• Marketing & Sales Maps

• Agency & Regulatory Coordination

• Municipal Plan Reviewing

• Parks & Recreation/ Athletic Facilities

• School Site Feasibility Studies

• Construction Grants & Loans

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